About Dr. Jill

Jill Thompson began her quest towards a chiropractic career during highschool. She felt it was something she was meant to do, even before knowing what all it would entail. This all changed once she graduated. “I was in and out of the emergency room after having a back injury. No one was listening to me or helping me – they just kept giving me more medications for pain and whatever might be causing it. The whole experience pushed me into a chiropractor’s office, where not only did I find pain relief, but I began to have more energy and focus. I finally understood why I was chosen to be a chiropractor and that pursuing a career in chiropractic was my life’s purpose.”

That experience led Dr. Jill Thompson into a lifelong career in chiropractic. She is trained in a variety of adjusting techniques and is always looking for ways to serve and care for her community. See Services.

Dr. Jill Graduated from the University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, with a B.S. degree in Health Education and Community Health. She then went on to receive her doctorate from Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, S.C.

Committed To The Community

In addition to actively supporting local businesses and civic groups, Dr. Jill supports and donates to local non-profit organizations monthly. Choice Chiropractic contributes these funds to local organizations as a way to continue serving the community.