Can A Chiropractor Help Headaches?

August 21, 2020
While chiropractors are often sought for back or neck pain, it may be a surprise to some that other conditions can be improved by a spinal adjustment. Chiropractors help headaches, because every function of each organ is controlled by the nervous system.  


What Kind of Headaches Can a Chiropractor Help?

There are many kinds of headaches, with all kinds of triggers, from tension and stress, to sinus pressure and migraines. Even without the head-splitting pain, some people can have migraine symptoms like an aura or blurred vision.

Chiropractic can be helpful in any of these cases, as it relieves pressure on the nerves, optimizing the body’s innate healing.  

It’s fun for Dr. Jill to get to educate her practice members on this topic. Tension headaches can be caused by the stress your body is carrying. Getting adjusted at the end of a long day helps you adapt better to the stress, helps relax some muscles and helps your brain to calm down

Migraines are a huge dilemma in millions of people’s lives. Some migraine sufferers have had them for years and tried many over-the-counter medications and prescription painkillers. These may help only to a certain degree, but patients don’t know of any other options.

However, removing the pressure of misaligned bones on the brain stem can dramatically improve migraines.  

A study published Global Advances in Health and Medicine  in 2019 shared three case studies of patients with migraines who added chiropractic care. One of them noted “There was a nearly immediate positive response to initial care in headache and neck pain intensity and frequency…” Another patient reported her first headache-free month after 10 months of chiropractic care.  

What’s the Plan for Headaches? 

Dr. Jill adjusts the spine of a headache sufferer to ensure that all misalignments or subluxations are removed. This gentle technique (add link to other post) realigns the spine and lets energy and communication flow between the body and brain via the nerves in the spinal cord. 

She also uses an activator tool on the first cervical vertebra, called the atlas. This vital bone protects the brain stem, which controls basic body functions such as “breathing, swallowing, heart rate, blood pressure.” Aligning the atlas improves communication for all these functions.

Dr. Jill individualizes each care plan, as each body heals at a different rate. She changes her recommendations based on each person holding their adjustment and staying in alignment. 

Your Next Step

If you experience headaches or any other dysfunction, come to Choice Chiropractic and get adjusted by Dr. Jill Thompson. Email with any questions. Call (904) 718-9036 for an appointment and come to 3771 San Jose Place Suite 26, Jacksonville, Florida.


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