Can Chiropractic Help Your Terrible Seasonal Allergies?

September 4, 2020
We may blame our sneezing on the changing seasons. “Oh, it’s just allergies; can chiropractic help with allergies?” 
Yes! The majority of Dr. Jill’s chiropractic practice members see great improvement. Let’s explain why.

“Allergies occur when the immune system encounters an irritant and mistakes it as harmful, attacking it with far more ferocity than needed,” explains this article by Palmer College of Chiropractic. The article goes on to say, “By improving communication between the immune, nervous and respiratory systems, chiropractic care can help patients weather allergy season—without relying on medications.” 

This is true, because the pollen (or other irritant) is not actually the problem. If it was, then every single person outside would be affected. It’s not that all human beings are allergic to plant pollen. 

The problem is something going on in your body, blocking your innate ability to adapt to this outside irritation. 

Adapting to Changes

The same goes with the stress of the temperature variations as seasons change. It isn’t that the differences make us sick, or that we “catch cold” when we are surprised by a thermometer drop.

We just need to adapt.

As we turn calendar pages, we often start doing different activities, wearing different clothes, eating different foods. This creates different types of stress on the body that you may not even realize. 

Even small things like running outside on pavement instead of inside on the treadmill is a big change for your body.    

The problem is your body’s inability to adapt to the stresses of seasonal changes.

The body is created to self-regulate to changes in its environment. When we’re cold, we shiver. When we get hot, we sweat. It should be automatic for our bodies to manage environmental irritations and changes.   

But when the nervous system has interference, it’s stuck. Chiropractors call these subluxations; when the vertebrae are misaligned and putting pressure on the nerves. 

The subluxations in the spine make it harder for the nervous system to communicate and make the necessary adaptations.   

Dr. Jill uses specific, scientific adjustments to clear the nervous system. This turns back on communication from the brain to the rest of the body, and from the body back to the brain.

Spinal adjustments optimize the nerve supply to unlock your body’s natural potential to adapt to any of life’s changes and stressors. 

Your Next Step

Come to Choice Chiropractic and get adjusted by Dr. Jill Thompson as part of your healthy lifestyle! Email with any questions. Call (904) 718-9036 for an appointment and come to 3771 San Jose Place Suite 26, Jacksonville, Florida.

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