Chiropractic and Digestive Problems: Why It Works

September 18, 2020
Someone may go to a chiropractor for back pain. But as they get talking, often digestive problems come up in the conversation. This may be you, taking meds for heartburn, but not thinking about how the heartburn and back pain could be connected. What’s the real issue?

What are Common Digestive Problems

Digestive issues manifest in various ways, all showing that the body just isn’t functioning well. It could be recurring acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (or IBS), constipation (add article link) and colic. (Parents! The ICPA has more information here.)

Your gut is sometimes called your second brain, so while digestive issues aren’t comfortable, they are actually affecting more than you may realize. 

You may eat very well, but not be absorbing those nutrients very well. “Even if you’re eating a great diet,”said Dr. Jill Thompson, “it doesn’t mean your body is capable of properly absorbing and doing what it needs to with those nutrients. So it’s important to make sure there is connection within the nervous system.”

Understanding Nervous System Connections

Often, folks will start having lower back pain (all of a sudden!) but when Dr. Jill asks more, they’ll say that they’ve had an issue with their gut for most of their life. Or all of their adult life. 

Did you know that the nerves that control digestion are connected to the spine in the lower back? If those vertebrae are subluxated, they are out of alignment and putting pressure on those nerves, decreasing the function of your gut. 

This can manifest in different ways in different people, and can be the source of the lower back pain you feel now. The pain is a signal that your body has been trying to fix this for awhile.

This isn’t to say that all lower back pain means you have digestive problems! There can be other factors to digestive problems, like prescriptions and poor diet. 

We do want you to understand that dysfunction and interference in the nervous system affects many systems and parts of your body. 

Whatever your gut problems, a specific chiropractic adjustment identifies those subluxations. Dr. Jill gently realigns the vertebrae and removes the interferences to the nervous system, restoring function to whatever part of your body was affected.

Your Next Step

Come to Choice Chiropractic and get adjusted by Dr. Jill Thompson as part of your healthy lifestyle! Email with any questions. Call (904) 718-9036 for an appointment and come to 3771 San Jose Place Suite 26, Jacksonville, Florida.


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