Chiropractic and Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

December 11, 2020
We love anything that gets people thinking about wellness. But how far will resolutions, even about chiropractic, get you in transforming your health? You may see some results after just one adjustment, but your goals should go beyond one appointment and January. 

Why Regular Care is Better than a New Year’s Resolution

It’s like washing your face. Whether or not you wear makeup, you understand the concept that it needs to be a daily ritual, not a “one and done.” 

No one says, “How did this happen? How did my pores get clogged? I was just living my life, day after day, year after year and then boom!?” 

No. We know that sweat, pollution, and toxins mean that we have to regularly maintain our skin. Not just when we make healthy New Year’s resolutions. We understand too that skincare in January, doesn’t do much for us the other 11 months. 

It’s the same with going to the dentist to care for our teeth, or exercising throughout the year. We need to bring this mindset over to chiropractic care.        

The best way to appreciate a chiropractic adjustment’s power is while under regular care. Time and repetition are needed for the body to hold the adjustment and heal. We understand that a broken bone may need to be in a cast for weeks; why do we expect other bones, ligaments and muscles to heal instantly? 

Memberships at Choice Chiropractic

Dr. Jill calls her auto-debit plans Lifetime Wellness Plans for a good reason. She cares about developing a mindset of health for whole families. Now that’s a healthy New Year’s resolution!

However, there’s no need to wait for a specific month or moment. Dr. Jill asks her practice members, “Why wait until January? Why not start now?”

At any time, it can be a new week, a new day…even in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon, you can take steps towards being healthier. 

Find what small steps you can take immediately towards that larger goal or resolution. Today, you can drink more water and make an appointment to be evaluated for chiropractic care. Tomorrow, you can eat a healthy lunch and go for a long walk. 

However, working on our mindset of health is the foundation of sustaining any resolution or goal. We’d love to share and educate you more on this in our office.

Your Next Step

Come to Choice Chiropractic and get adjusted by Dr. Jill Thompson as part of your healthy lifestyle! Call (904) 718-9036 for an appointment and come to 3771 San Jose Place Suite 26, Jacksonville, Florida.

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