Testimonials: Real Stories. Real Lives Changed.

October 16, 2020
Chiropractic opens a world of connections, with daily stories of lives improved, health and function restored. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate a few of them in Dr. Jill’s practice.

Another Option to Surgery

Being told that she needed radical surgery brought a woman in her 50s to Dr. Jill as a last resort. This lady was in so much pain that she was considering a nightmare process involving breaking her ribs. During the examination, Dr. Jill assessed that the pain could have a different source than the area diagnosed for surgery; there seemed to be two different problems. 

After two weeks of chiropractic care, the lady was feeling better in other areas of her health. Not long afterwards, she did a follow up with her medical doctor, who was astounded to discover that she no longer needed surgery

If this woman hadn’t looked for an alternative, if she had gone ahead with the surgery, her body would have never been the same. And she wouldn’t have known any better, wouldn’t have known there was another way.    

Mothers and Babies

One mother, Ashley, left a testimonial on Facebook. She credits Dr. Jill with helping her have the kind of labor and delivery that she desired. “…She gave adjustments hours before my baby(‘s) delivery and helped turn my baby by a special adjustment. My baby was right side up and I was being told by my doctor that I would end up being scheduled for a c section. Because of the type of work I did this was not a good option for me. Dr Jill successfully turned my baby down by doing special adjustments for a one to two week time frame. She’s amazing.” 

It is important to note, that as chiropractors we do not actually “turn” babies. We simply help to align the pelvis and sacrum so the body can function properly, allowing baby to move into proper positioning.

There are so many stories of fussy, uncomfortable babies that have been adjusted and received relief. Some people think, “Well, everyone else’s baby seems happier, but I guess the colic is normal.” However, wonderful things happen when parents don’t believe in society’s normal of minimal health. 

Dr. Jill has warned parents that the release of an adjustment can relieve a baby’s constipation too; tales of carseat blowouts post-adjustment confirm! Constipation can stem from a misaligned sacrum from birth. Naturally, babies will feel more comfortable when that subluxation is removed and function is able to flow through them. 

One patient, a 1 year-old baby boy was having trouble crawling properly, possibly due to a hip issue he had at birth. Crawling is vital in the developmental process, as it gets both sides of the  brain coordinating. After each adjustment, the parents noticed improved. After only four visits, he was able to move his leg properly and began crawling. After a few months, he took his first steps. As they were a military family, Dr. Jill only saw them for three months because they moved, however she was able to refer them to a colleague so they could continue care. 

Higher Function, Fuller Life

Another patient, Shandin, left this testimonial on Facebook. “(Dr. Jill) is amazing and I immediately felt the difference with her adjustments. With her help, my asthma improved so much I was able to train for and run a half marathon. My migraines also drastically decreased. I feel so comfortable talking to her, and she always answers my questions. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jill!”

Your Next Step

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