Gratitude and Its Effect On Your Health

November 6, 2020

Our minds are responsible for more than we currently understand. “My inner world creates my outer world,” said T. Harv Eker.

A wonderful way to get our minds, hearts and bodies healthier is through gratitude.

Research shows that being grateful naturally improves mental health, but the reports also showed that gratitude practices improved even heart health and blood pressure. 

When our minds are at peace, we sleep better, which in turn rejuvenates every organ and system. We can see posture changes in a grateful person – muscles that relax, shoulders that lower, a head that lifts. 

It turn, when we realize how blessed we are, we tend to be nicer to others! This positively affects their health, creating a ripple effect of joy and wellness. Each person can set the tone for their family, coworkers and friends.

Self-Care: Be Grateful for That Body

In chiropractic, we sometimes have patients say, “Yeah I’m doing ok.” But then on the table, we can feel the tension collected in the body. “So what’s on your mind?” we ask. 

You might not realize what stress your body is subconsciously sensing. Chiropractic is a wonderful way to reset and realign the body, allowing healing, which in turn gives you another thing to be thankful for! 

It’s easy to fall into a pattern where we push our bodies, requiring a lot of them, and not giving them a lot of credit or thanks. 

Instead of kicking a tired body with caffeine, be grateful it carried you through work and play, and tells you when to rest. Instead of bemoaning extra holiday pounds, be grateful for celebrations with friends and family. Instead of pointing out your flaws in the mirror, say out loud something you like about that sassy reflection!  

Way to Express Gratitude

  • Take some time for yourself to do something you enjoy. 
  • Write some actual thank-you cards and mail them.
  • Treat your body to a massage.
  • Give your next waiter a generous tip.
  • Write a daily list of blessings in a journal – try for a month!
  • Switch “I’m sorry” for “thank you.” Instead of “I’m sorry for being late,” try “Thank you for waiting for me.”

When Gratitude is Difficult

Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to be grateful. Lives are falling apart, when horrible things happen to good people, poor choices affect many. However scary your situation may be, search for those things that you CAN be thankful for. 

Take whatever right next steps you can. We are all so fortunate, in whatever state we find ourselves. Let’s give thanks for whatever level of health we do have, for the people who do care, for the lessons we have learned.  

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