How Chiropractic Care Boosts Your Immune System

October 2, 2020
You want to do all the things  to keep your family healthy and boost your immune systems. But have you gotten a chiropractic adjustment? Chiropractic unleashes your body’s own fighting potential, like a well-trained army that doesn’t let spying germs sneak past its defenses.   

Let’s explain the basics of chiropractic. What we call a subluxation is simply a bone that’s out of place. When a vertebra is subluxated, it puts pressure on the nervous system via the spinal cord. 

The nervous system is key because it controls the whole body; it’s how the brain tells the body how to do every single thing. Only about 10% of nerves cause pain; the other 90% are all about function. So you can even have a subluxation without pain. 

A chiropractic adjustment removes the subluxation, gently putting those specific bones back into their places.  

It is especially good to get an adjustment when you start to feel your immune system fighting off an invader. If you are subluxated, you have diminished communication from your nervous system. Like in any battle, communication is vital. This means you could be sicker longer or it may get more severe as your body struggles to fight inefficiently without word from General Brain.

How Chiropractic Boosted Immune Systems in History

In 1917-1918, a deadly influenza pandemic infected some 500 million people across the globe. Even healthy young people were falling ill and dying. In the US, so many people were dying that they were being buried in open graves. Nothing seemed to be slowing or stopping the spread of this illness

In this time of crisis, it was noted that people under chiropractic care had a much lower death rate than others. This was not a coincidence and researchers began to study why chiropractic patients were getting better faster or staying well.

In the years since, scientists have studied how a well-adjusted nervous system boosts immunity. A 1992 study by the National College of Chiropractic showed that white blood cell count was significantly higher just 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment. Increasing your cavalry definitely helps win the war against whatever virus or bacteria may attack.  

When you are in alignment, you are on full power. Your body is truly fighting at its full potential. Your immune system can send your white blood cells to attack at just the right moment and you can get back to full health faster.

Other Recommendations to Boost Your Immune System

  • Drink your water. Such a simple, impactful thing to do that helps all the cells and systems of your body.
  • Fresh air and sunshine. Even if you can only get small doses at a time because of the weather, your schedule or mobility, get outside. 
  • Get more sleep. Your body needs rest to resupply its forces. 

Your Next Step

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