How to Know If Your Child Needs Chiropractic

July 24, 2020
Depending on your life experiences, you may view babies and kids as resilient and strong, or fragile and vulnerable. While some people see chiropractic as a pain-reliever for adults with highly physical jobs, the truth is that it’s life-restoring action is good for all ages and occupations.
The nervous system can be weak and unhealthy at any age. As children grow and develop, it is important to be sure that their brain and body are working together optimally.

From Birth Forwards

Birth is more traumatic for babies than most people realize. From being squished in utero, to being squeezed during contractions or lifted in a cesarean, making their way out of the womb is hard work for babies. The first bone at the top of the neck, the atlas, can easily be bumped and shift out of alignment. The atlas is ring-shaped, maintaining a delicate balance as the brain stem passes through the middle. If the atlas shifts (subluxates), it puts pressure on the brain stem. 

Parents of newborns with a subluxated atlas will start seeing signs and symptoms, such as colic, trouble nursing, decreased range of motion in their neck, and later, ear infections. It’s  incredible, said Dr. Jill, as a chiropractor to feel a newborn’s atlas slip gently into place with a chiropractic adjustment.

Busy children crawl, walk and fall giving lots of opportunities for their vertebrae to be knocked out of place. A variety of stresses in a child’s life can cause them to stay stuck out of alignment instead of shifting on its own. That includes poor diet or emotional stress. 

A chiropractor can effectively move the vertebrae back. Dr. Jill uses a gentle technique (LINK 2nd blog post) that is comfortable for all ages, without cracking or popping. For children, her method doesn’t vary much,and she still uses an activator instrument. 

Children are typically much easier to adjust as their young bodies haven’t had years of getting weaker and deteriorating. Their muscles also haven’t developed as much, so a light touch is all that’s needed. 

How to Adjust and How Often

In Dr. Jill’s membership-based practice, she recommends checking children once per week, and adjusting based on her exam. Many of her families understand the benefits and want their children checked so their bodies are strong and healthy. 

Being in alignment means kids can perform well in sports, or withstand flu season with strong immune systems so they aren’t missing school. 

Starting children off strong is much better than fixing them later. Too often adults come for an adjustment as a pain-based last resort. But chiropractic is more than that, and can address the cause of illness and discomfort in a body of any age.   

Your Next Step

Come to Choice Chiropractic and get your children adjusted so their nervous systems can communicate effectively, full of life and wellness. Make chiropractic second nature and see the difference in your life. Call (904) 718-9036 for an appointment and come to 3771 San Jose Place Suite 26, Jacksonville, Florida.

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