How Chiropractic Supports Sports

June 12, 2020

We love watching sports: cheering for famous players and our kids. We love playing sports: the adrenaline rush of winning, the discipline of training.

Athletes at any level rely on their bodies to help them reach their peak performance. As the spine is the foundation of the body, maintaining it with chiropractic adjustments should be added to the training and care of any player of any sport, at any age.   

Chiropractic helps to keep the whole body primed and strong, keeping organs and systems performing optimally. This includes long-term benefits, like decreased blood pressure. Your spine needs to be mobile, not stiff or blocked; and a good range of motion keeps you active. 

A stronger, more flexible body means that overall sports performance is improved and enhanced by regular chiropractic care. 

Sports Injuries and Recovery

Adjustments can prevent sports injuries, as with a clear nervous system, athletes’ reflexes are quicker and their reaction time is increased. A flexible, mobile spine also reduces the risk of disc injuries.

Even a minor injury, such as a pulled muscle, strain or sprain, can become major over time if not addressed. A slightly shifted vertebra doesn’t need to worsen until the disc below or above it is bulging and herniated–get that subluxation adjusted! Minor inflammation doesn’t need to become chronic before medications and surgery seem the only answers. (For more information, read this post about surgery alternatives.)

Adjusting Swimmers and Golfers

At Choice Chiropractic, we adjust a number of young swimmers, in middle school and high school. They are doing great; getting faster and decreasing their race times. It’s wonderful to hear that these young athletes are staying healthier, not missing practices or school because of illness. 

Swimming is a full-body workout. When a swimmer gets their spine adjusted, it allows their whole body to function better, as each joint and organ is controlled by the nervous system. The spinal column is the nervous system’s highway to the brain, which sends its messages out to the rest of the body and back down the spine. Without the interferences and subluxations to stop these messages, the body can work the way it’s supposed to. 

Golf is another sport that’s common in Florida. The one-sided twisting motion of golfing is a particular strain on the body. One golfer came to be adjusted before every tournament because he knew he would perform better! 

We aren’t just talking about young athletes either. As you get older, chiropractic can help you to stay in the game. Don’t blame age or think that it’s normal and inevitable to have reduced mobility. Get adjusted and stay full of vitality and flexibility.

Your Next Step

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