Why Your Lifestyle Matters: Simple Steps for a Healthier Life

July 10, 2020
If we take action on our health now that can have a huge positive impact on our overall enjoyment of life and our future. 

Do you believe that you need to brush your teeth regularly, or is it ok to just go to the dentist every once in a while and hope everything will be fine? Hopefully, you understand that your bedtime routine is part of maintaining your oral health. Similarly, maintaining spinal health with chiropractic adjustments is needed for lasting, long-term health of your nervous system.

We need to treat the spine well, because it is the foundation of our body. Making chiropractic a lifestyle helps the quality and longevity of your marvelous body. 

Active life

Staying mobile is important for spinal health. Movement helps to feed your discs, the little sacks between the vertebrae, bringing water and nutrients in and sending waste out. If you are sedentary, your spine begins to weaken. This is disastrous for the body, because not only does the spine provide structure, it also shelters the spinal cord. 

Nerve fibers in the spinal cord conduct information from the brain out to the body, and from the body back up to the brain. However, when the vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure on the spinal cord; this disrupts the nerve impulses. This is called a subluxation. Without quick and uninterrupted communication from the nervous system, the rest of the body doesn’t receive or interpret all of the brain’s messages well. Function is reduced and the body is in a state of discomfort and disease.

Whatever your level of health or your mobility, your career or your budget, find a way to move. It could be a morning yoga class, going to the gym at lunch, walking to pick up the kids from school, or just turning on music and dancing in your kitchen. The more you get moving, the more your body will thank you.    


We know that we should eat well and drink more water. But do we do it? Not always. It’s important to support our body by giving it the proper nutrition. If it doesn’t get what it needs, it starts robbing vitamins and minerals that it needs for daily life from places deemed non-essential to survival, like our bones. As we said above, when the spine suffers, we suffer!

This is why we want to inspire an all-around healthy lifestyle including recipes on our Facebook page @choicechiropracticjacksonville and Instagram @choicechiropracticjax. Join us there for more information and support to be the healthiest you possible.


Your Next Step

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